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Fascinating Parade l Alex and Lucy l By Dicky U. Halimawan

Taking pictures in Melbourne during summer has always been a joy for photographers. What can you ask more: plenty of sunlight and simply beautiful places and sceneries to encounter for pre-wedding pictures? It was all there in the state of Victoria, Australia. The background just added up the perfection to Alex and Lucy’s wardrobe worn during the prewedding. That’s why we’d like to name this series of pictures a “Fascinating Parade” of good dress-wise.The couple who came from Pontianak knew thePhotograph from their designer, Julia Sposa. Alex and Lucy knew each other in Permata Bank where Alex was actually one of Lucy’s customers. From only a professional relation between a banker and customer, they changed into a romantic one which was sweet.Now for their once in a lifetime memory before their wedding day, they would like somewhere special that they will be happy to look at in the future. Thus they chose Melbourne and wardrobe finely selected from the best choices.  Just look at all the gowns, dresses, and suits they wore. And we were more than happy to find out how good Alex at choosing the wardrobe.We’d like to thank Alex and Lucy for making this possible and to Julia Sposa who introduced the couple to us the session in Melbourne was a lovely one as usual and as interesting as it could be. We encountered funny things along the way from Alex who happened to loathe wearing red tie as he thought it will make him look like an old Chinese guy and the encounter with the black cow: when we approached them they always followed us behind. Apparently we already miss our time there!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Wardrobe: Julia Sposa and couple’s own collection – Make up and Hair Do: VeraPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

Traditional Wedding Exhibition

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FUNtastic Forever l Daniel and Helena l By Dicky U. Halimawan

What was on your mind when you see a crowd of lads wearing butterfly wings and fairy sticks asked to do five funny poses, a groom with a wide smile and bridesmaids bursting with laughter and ultimately an amused bride? FUN was the word that best described Daniel and Helena’s wedding celebration. The wedding which was dominated by purple, fuchsia, and white was filled with fun entertainments and delicious food that the guests, families, and the lovebirds themselves were enjoying with lots of smiles.Vendors were picked from the best list. For their one in a lifetime moment, Daniel, Helena and family did not want to gamble. Wedding organizer, venue, decoration, make up, gown, and documentation were finely selected. The celebration was prepared carefully so that the guests could enjoy their time well. We were also happy to meet the vice governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok who came as a guest of honor at the night.Just like the celebration that was fun, fine and smooth, we wish you a fun fine and smooth new life together ahead too, Daniel and Helena!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – WO: Private WO – Venue: Intercontinental – Decoration: LotusWedding PhotographyWedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding hoto Jakarta

Wedding Exhibition at JW Marriot Hotel

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Chandra Mery Feature

La Vie est Belle l Chandra and Merry l By Team

“La vie est belle”, the French for “life is beautiful” seems to be the best title for this post. Seeing Chandra and Merry’s smiles just melted my heart to calm and reminded me that life is beautiful. It is even more beautiful when we have partner. Partners are created for us not to make our life harder but easier. They are there to walk our lives together: discovering more surprises in life and learning about every little thing in it. When we face difficulties they are there to help, accompany, and complete us.Besides having partner, having friends is not less important than the first. During the photo session thePhotograph was able to take pictures in a location that’s actually not open for public but because Merry and Chandra are friends with the owner so we could get some photos from there. It was a good spot and nobody ever saw it as a photo background before that makes their pictures so unique. So it is indeed “La Vie est Belle” for Chandra and Merry after all.Pre Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography, Affordable Wedding PhotographyPhotographer: ?? – Gown: ?? – Make up: ??

To Have & To Hold l Regan and Sheren l By Dicky U. Halimawan

There were no worries in their looks. There was no fear, not even the slightest bit of it. Why should? The bright sunny color of yellow roses pictured Regan and Sheren feelings that day. A warm feeling brought happiness to their soul. They knew that day they would unite as one in the Holy Matrimony. There was no doubt in their minds since they knew one thing: They have each other.As they walked through the aisle, hundreds pairs of eyes were looking at them. Donny Liem the make-up artist had made a great job for Sheren’s make up. Stunning look combined with a perfect gown by Wedding Boutique was simply breathtaking. That day, along tears of joy and loads of smiles, Regan and Sheren were ready to face a new chapter in their life. They would fulfill their promise to God, to be true, loving and honoring each other in every condition. God Bless. Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – WO: Tony and Lifetime – Venue: The Ritz-Calton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan – Gown: Wedding Boutique – Make up: Donny LiemPre Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography, Professional Photographer                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Lovely Escapade l Frans and Angel l By Dicky U. Halimawan

Have you ever seen someone that won’t make u bored? The one who you can stand for hours just by looking at her/him? That’s what Frans and Angel see in each other. Like her name, Angel is a real deal. She is always cheerful and smiling which brings positive aura in life. Frans is the opposite. He is a strong quiet type of guy that a girl can rely on.Frans and Angel met in Singapore. Their love story blooms there but they choose Indonesia, their home country to have their pre-wedding photos taken. thePhotograph searched the exotic places in Bali to suit the couple’s characteristics. Though Bali is often a pre-wedding destination but its beauty and cozy atmosphere always attract people to come back to enjoy it in different ways.We are lucky to have couple that’s so open minded they don’t mind swimsuit session. Photo taking on the yacht was very challenging because Angel and some of the crew had nausea but with focus towards perfect result all could be overcome. The rest of the session was nothing but great time with our friendly clients. We are so glad to see such couple who is so excited to prepare all the needed stuff before the pre-wedding too. For all reasons, you guys deserve this stunning looking photos of yours.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Make up: Win – Gowns: Windy Chandra (White), Julia Sposa (Red, Yellow, Green)Wedding Photography, Professional Wedding Photography, Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding Exhibition at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya

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Groovy Kind of Love l William and Cecilia l By Team

The word “groovy” means highly stimulating or attractive. When you are in love everything just feels right. You just love each other with their perfect imperfection. It feels like nothing suits you like her or him.Love is truly irrational, but it completes us.And so it is with our very blessed couple who has celebrated their love in a wedding months ago: William and Cecilia. The young couple had not only such a groovy love but groovy wedding celebration with their friends. Held at Grand Hyatt in the Krakatau room, William and Cecilia’s wedding party was attended by majority young lads and babes and not to forget other respected families and acquaintances. The gate breaking game was entertainingly crazy, continued with the reception that ran perfectly elegant with the gorgeous bride and groom as the king and queen of the night.Photographer : Team     Wardrobe : JJ Bride     Make Up : Andreas Zhu     Decoration : Image Decoration     Event Organizer : Id & CoWedding Photography : By Team    Video production wedding : By Team


Wedding Exhibition at Pullman, Central Park

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