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Sparks on Me | Michael and Yessica | By Dicky U. Halimawan

This was a wedding of a gorgeous couple with merry celebration you won’t want to miss. You can feel the energy from the enthusiastic best men and beautiful bridesmaids. And oh not forgetting to mention how friendly the couple’s parents could be. Yeye’s (nickname of Yessica) father kept greeting the people with smiles from morning. Mike’s (nickname of Michael) mother was a charm. She and Mike’s brother sang together during the reception. She was a singer back then in fact.Private Wedding Organizer helped Mike and Yeye to have smooth wedding party. To choose Kempinski Hotel as a venue was really a right choice, the ballroom with elegant blue lighting suited the theme of the party. With such positive energy we got from the people around us it made easier to direct poses to the couple and friends. It really is true to say that this wedding sparks us on the mood!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – WO: Private WO – Venue: Bali Room, Kempinski Hotel – Make up: Susy Kleo – Gown: The SilkWedding PhotographyWedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding Photography Indonesia
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It Has to be You| Hendra and Dessy | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Hendra and Dessy contacted us together to enquire about pre-wedding and wedding packages. It was apparent that they already had the fixed dates for sangjit and reception. I wonder if they chose the good days based on the traditional Chinese way or not but they surely celebrated the precious moment in both Chinese and modern ways.The lovebirds chose a 3-day package that covered studio pre-wedding in Jakarta and both Sangjit and reception in Samarinda. Sangjit is when the groom-to-be and family bring offerings/gifts to the bride-to-be. It symbolizes harmony, kindness and responsibility of a man to fulfill the woman’s needs. It’s held in the bride’s place. Before the offering, each family will introduce each of the members to each other. The giving of presents is closed by small feast provided by the bride’s family.The next day after Sangjit, the couple held their majestic reception in a ballroom in one of the malls in Samarinda. The programme was fantastic there was no doubt all guests were entertained by every single of it. Thanks to Hendra, Dessy and family for such hospitality. And most important of all, congrats for the new life you both now have!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan –  Wedding Gown: Elly be Gorgeous – Make up on Wedding: Yamie (Donny Liem’s team)Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta
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Someday in My Romance| Hendrik and Yunita | By Team

“I remember looking at you for the first time in our campus back then. It was a happy time to know you better each day. The days we’ve been through together just made me even more convinced of us. And here we are now. Just one step more to our big day, the day when we will belong to each other completely.”Hendrik and Yunita are couple of doctors who met in Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta. They fell in love, knew each other more and fell in love even more. Hendrik likes her because of her feminity, faithfulness, and cheerfulness. Yunita likes his eagerness and seriousness about his future despite his playful nature and happy-go-lucky person you may think if you know him for the first time.They were introduced to thePhotograph by Lily, Yunita’s relative whom we can’t thank enough. The couple who was getting married earlier this year is now living in harmony and success as young doctors in Blitar, East Java. Now a set of indoor pre-wedding pictures are ready to be witness of just a day of their romance. And apparently someday in their lives is not just any day but always a special day spent together.Photographer : By Team - Make Up : Donni Liem - Gown : Client's WardrobePre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Studio, thePhotographWedding

Brilliantly Beautiful | Thomson and Niattie| By Dicky U. Halimawan

thePhotograph has attended numbers of weddings. Decorations, make up, divine gowns and nice programmes might fill the typical grand wedding celebrations in Indonesia but one thing remains wonderful and second to none, it is the affection each time we see the bride and groom declare their vow and when they give thanks to their parents. The feeling and state of awareness that to be married is a gift and not a child’s game. And when we also know the journey of the couple till they tie the knot, we feel their happiness too.Thus, love is a brilliantly beautiful idea pioneered by the Almighty. Just imagine if humans are not social creatures. They can live by themselves. They don’t need each other and don’t need to love one another. It’s scary, isn’t it? Hence, to signify the precious event of their life, Thomson and Niattie prepared their wedding very well. Top vendors were being chosen: Private WO, de_Sketsa, thePhotograph, Lisa Lu'Vase, Hadi Chandra, and Ritz Carlton Kuningan. They collaborated to make such a brilliantly beautiful wedding which you can see clearly in the pictures taken.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – WO: Private WO – Decoration: de_Sketsa – Make up: Lisa Lu'Vase – Wedding Gown: Hadi Chandra – Venue: Ritz Carlton KuninganWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, thePhotographWedding 
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Divine Serenity|William and Yunie| By Dicky U. Halimawan

‘Twas warm weather in Bali when we got there. It wasn’t so hot and not cold either, just a friendly weather we loved. William and Yunie had talked to Dicky about photo concept they liked. They loved Bali and its serenity. The kind of serenity that combines nature and empty landscapes.The couple had decided to choose central Bali. Apparently it is easier for William to pick the name of the hotel and café they wanted to stay and take the shots in because he’s familiar with the area and some of his friends are in the hospitality business there.Spots picked were not common as William and Yunie wanted different pictures not the ones people already used a lot for pre-wedding. And we were lucky to find some. The sky was not so bright at the time, it was more to cloudy that brought melancholy mood. And this is not the usual sky of Bali in pre-wedding pictures we see. Thus it gave sense of the “new” Bali.The mix of locations was just perfect. Nice café, outdoor and landscape described serene mood perfectly. And each time we discovered more views of Bali we were always reminded of the divine God who created nature and LOVE. All this feeling accompanied togetherness William and Yunie brought everywhere and we called this “divine serenity”.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Wardrobe: couple’s own – Gowns: Wedding Boutique – Make up: Natalie from Rain Makeup ArtistPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Jakarta Photography, Pre Wedding Unik

Joy In Yellow|William and Anastasia| By Team

From nothing to everything, that’s the first to come out in my mind after reading their story printed on their invitation. It was an out-of-the-box kind of invitation. Simple, brief, yet complete in message and design wise. Apparently it’s designed by the bride herself. Anastasia is such a talented graphic designer. She is now the owner of La Carta, a line in invitation wedding design. (more…)

I Love Mom|Baby Vernon| By Dicky U. Halimawan

He is our son. The joy of kids has already started when they were made. And it always makes us thankful. The heavenly warmth that we feel every time we see him, his presence is like little angel from the seventh heaven, perfecting the love of his parents.The glowing flare of lights can’t compare the purity he has. He is beautiful as God makes him, a living creation from the creator of universe.Take a look at his laugh, he’s just like us. His eyes, lips, hair and face take after ours. But we both know God has His very own plan for him. And we will prepare him for that. Grow big my son, fill the world with your kindness and joy from within and make us proud.Baby Photography, Baby Photos, Baby Photo

Stuck on You|Agus and Vanessa| By Dicky U. Halimawan

Every little step we take leads to happiness. I remember the days you took me out on our first dates. There were million things to talk about and billion kinds of positive feelings bursting out of my soul. You lighted the sparks of my life again. Suddenly I found all the things that I liked in you. As time goes by our love is tested and through all the circumstances that may happen it’s purified. And at the end I know that I’m stuck on you! And I’m happy to be married to you and here’s to our memory: a series of beautiful pictures of you and me at the place where we’ve been spending most of our time together: Singapore. I hope these pictures are not just pretty pictures but also something that remind us of the trust and love we have built.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Venue: Singapore – Make up: Yamie (Donny Liem’s assistant) – Gowns: Gladiolus (all except the blue gown)Pre Wedding Jakarta Photography, Foto Pre Wedding Singapore, Foto Pre Wedding Studio

Glamour Us| Yudhie and Yenny| By Dicky U. Halimawan

The Great Gatsby, the movie that involves a love affair between a millionaire and a beautiful lady. The fashionable movie has inspired our client, Yudhie and Yenny to pick it as one of the photo concepts for their pre-wedding. Yudhie and Yenny acted to picture the cold but romantic scenes between the two lovers that love each other secretly behind the others’ backs. With touch of elegant pink gown, bold red lipstick, and fashionable hair do, Yenny had become the centre of attention. Yudhie, a good looking man from the upper class with a fine tuxedo was attracted to the lady. He did not seem to show it much but actually could not stop admiring her. This was their first romantic encounter.But unlike the tragic ending of the movie, Yudhie and Yenny stepped to the married life. The two were getting married sometimes after the pre-wedding. The couple wanted the best shots of themselves in the wedding gown and suit. These pictures sure will make a good display in the mini gallery on their wedding day.Our next Life. With all white and casual outfits, the next concept kind of pictured the new married life they wish to have after: a happy, full of laughter, smiles, warm hugs, and cherishing each other every day. We do wish the same too for you, Yudhie and Yenny! God blessPhotographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Gown: Hian Tjen (Pink), Elly be Gorgeous (White) – Make up: Andreas Zhu (Aan)Pre Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography, Engagement Photos 

Fit Perfectly | Iskandar and Felicia | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Clock ticking before dawn in the morning. ‘twas time for bride to prepare. The long awaited day had arrived and the feeling Felicia had, never appeared before. And so did happen to Iskandar. Though Iskandar as a groom could wake up later than the bride as the grooms preparation do not take as long as the brides’ but the mental and material preparation for men to become husbands might in fact be tougher than the ladies’ to become wives long before the wedding celebration itself.The preparation in the morning could symbolize a marriage preparation. During relationship the man and the lady would do, think and pray for anything that could make their marriage a happy life. And so is the aim of a morning preparation: to make the bride and groom look fresh and good all day long till night for the divine celebration. A marriage preparation is done not only to make people think a couple is a happy couple but truly happy from the inside.Thus during the relationship phase, the lady and the man would prepare themselves so they could fit perfectly to each other. Even in the middle of the way, pebbles and rocks may appear the couple could do a “retouch”, again to fit each other perfectly.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Venue: Sun City (Reception) – WO: Chris and Co – Gown & Make up: Julia SposaWedding Photography, Wedding Photographer Jakarta, Pre Wedding Photographer Jakarta 
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