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Eyes on You | William and Yunnie | By Team

Ever since she was in love with him, her world changed. Love changes everything. It makes things more meaningful since now whatever she does it will affect him, be it good or bad, be it in littlest simple things or in big deals.And then so love requires individuals to change or stay the same, whichever way that can make a relationship healthy. Love is such a complex yet simple stuff. Who would know the way to love properly but the Creator to whom we can ask. However, love sure is about one thing, about caring each other and that is to have eyes on each other.Photographer: thePhotograph's Team – Venue: Four Seasons Hotel – WO: Juzzon Wedding Organizer – Gown: Wedding Boutique – Make up: Rain Make UpWedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

2nd Annual Family Photography Fair @Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia Level 3

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Here, There and Everywhere | Andy and Violine | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Andy and Violine met in a friend’s wedding. Andy was the best man and Violine one of the bridesmaids. They became very good friends and eventually got in a relationship. After two and a half years together they decided to tie the knot. So this month will be the month they hold their wedding and these pre-wedding pictures are for you to witness their happiness.Andy and Violine who live in Jakarta chose their city to take pre-wedding pictures. And as they both like nature and adventure they wanted the pictures to show so. Thus a horse arena was used for the shooting. One of the horses couldn’t stop grinning it was so funny. We had tried to close its mouth though.The couple looked happy and easy during the day. Besides the outdoor session we took them to a café with good interior. Violine in Julia Sposa’s gown looked elegant, feminine and beautiful. It was nice to see them together: a happy and smiley couple. Congrats to you guys once again! And let your love always bloom and be fruitful here, there and everywhere.Photo: Dicky U. Halimawan – Gowns: Julia Sposa – Make up: Donny Liem (Indoor), Adele (Outdoor)Pre Wedding Photography,  Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

Locked For You | Sam and Natasha | By Yudha

We met Natasha and her mom in one of the wedding exhibitions. Natasha who lived in Perth came to Jakarta to prepare her wedding. She might look snappy at the first sight but when you came to talk to her she appears as easygoing and friendly person.Natasha and Sam met in Perth where they were working. Now as most of her family lives in Indonesia so they choose Jakarta to be the venue: De La Rosa, Kemang. The modern couple prefers a simple private yet a happening party. The joy bringer was not the sophisticated decoration, magnificent gowns or whatsoever but the crowd. Sam and Natasha have bunch of families and friends who apparently are very hip and fans of dance.The reception was a sitting dinner with singing and dance performances brought by close family and friends. Everybody was happy and even happier when the after party started. The youngsters and oldies they all loved party. The Aussie lads and chicks were known expressive and keen for party too. In the photo you can see Sam with his favorite Wolverine’s claw carrying the Lucy-Liu-look-alike bride.We got one funny story too. The first bouquet thrown got stuck in the chandelier everybody was laughing. And interestingly the second thrown landed on Sam’s granny’s hands. I guess it’s a good sign since granny is single too.And just before the after party Natasha’s dad was dancing with Natasha before he gave her to Sam to continue dancing with her. It was kind of symbol that the daughter will live/dance no longer with her dad but her husband. It is a different kind of dance they should learn anew, maybe in the middle there’s gonna be challenge to balance but it’s gonna be easier as they have locked their hearts only for each other.Photographer: Yudha – Venue: De La Rosa, Kemang – Make up: Sugi SalonWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, Pre Wedding Unikd 

Ravishing Ride | Andy and Regina | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Andi and Regina decided to put bit of rocker style in their pre-wedding as Andi did not like to put too much lovey dovey girly stuff in their concept. So it came to the concept rocker, guitar and the Harley. During the shooting, sun was shining bright and the heat caused was really getting on the skin we needed as many as four staff to hold umbrellas for us.Andi and Regina’s story is not a usual love story as well. It wasn’t that easy as Regina lived in Singapore and Andy in Jakarta. If they didn’t meet up at least every fortnight they surely ended up in “war”. So yes, either Andi or Regina will fly to visit each other at least every fortnight. That’s the way they made it till the day. Isn't their love journey a ravishing ride, indeed!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Make up: Adele – Gowns: GladiolusPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

Beautiful in His Time - Part 2 | Dicky and Renata

This time round is the turn for the very owner of thePhotograph. Dicky and Renata’s wedding was blogged titled “Beautiful in His Time” now the part 2 is about to tell the story of Renata’s pregnancy. After getting married in 2011, because the couple is such a well-planned one they want to be really ready financially and mentally to welcome a baby so they purposely keep themselves without a baby for 2 years.In 2013 Dicky who would really be glad with a presence of their love fruit prepared everything well. “Dicky is a perfectionist. He wants my womb to be perfectly fit for a baby. He takes me to the specialized clinic to do certain checkup. Only after he thought all were good we went on to next step,” told Renata. In January 2014 they found out that Renata was pregnant. That was in the middle of a pre-wedding shoot in Perth.Now Renata who already gains 15 kg so far confesses that Dicky is more careful about everything Renata is doing. Sometimes she would get annoyed if he already cares too much. Dicky really spoils Renata because of this.When I last saw Renata – she was still working – I can tell she is a happy lady in a different way. She’s always happy but this time a different happy. The happiness, she said, is a strange feeling of being aware that there is life inside your body and that something is your precious. The older her pregnancy goes the more she feels the love for her baby. It’s truly happiness from within and it’s beautiful in the right time.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Make up: Yamie (Ass. Donny Liem) – Gown: Julia SposaMaternity Photography, Maternity Photography, Maternity Photography

You're The Fizz in My Champagne | Raymond and Santi | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Raymond and Santi knew thePhotograph from Frendy and Evelyne. While Frendy and Evelyne got married last year this time is their turn. Raymond is a church guy whose ministry is in magic. Not as in black magic but more to trick play that involves hand skill. He spreads the good news of gospel by being an entertainer. Quite a new and innovative kind of ministry so he is apparently one good guy. On the other hand Santi is a patient and understanding woman. The couple is sure a decent one. Raymond and Santi’s wedding in Ritz Carlton Pan Pacific was celebrated merrily with beloved family and friends attending. We wish you a pleasant and blessed journey ahead!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Venue: Ritz Carlton Pan Pacific -  Make Up Artist: Andreas Zhu - Gown: Hadi Chandra - Decoration: De Sketsa -WO: Premiere KairosWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding Pictures

Whisper in The Wind | Randy and Alessia | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Summer breeze though hot but it brought fresh feeling to Randy and Alessia. Moreover to Alessia as in Perth also she could reunite with her long-time-no-see sister. This time pre-wedding took place in Perth As usual it never failed to give the couple shot backgrounds that’s simply stunning and calming. Alessia was looking gorgeous in selected dresses, gowns and self-make-up. Randy couldn’t be happier to have such a compatible soulmate. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such worry free and non-panicky clients too. It made everything easier and more fun. In the same time, I actually found out the first time that I had been 6-week pregnant there. Such a memorable work trip for me and apparently a lovely shoot for Randy and Alessia.Photographer : Dicky U. Halimawan     Gown: Pink by Mermaid Enst Couture, Blue and Grey by Aurelle House of Brides, Black White by ZaraMake Up Artist : FedericaPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Jakarta Photography, Pre Wedding Unik  

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World Love Race | AJ and Ryan | By. Dicky U. Halimawan

When I first saw the wedding photos of AJ and Ryan I was like “wow! This one is different.” Most people in Indonesia, especially the wealthy celebrate their wedding with big number of invitations, indoor and seldom do they put detailed and handmade simple decoration as a mix in it. Well, though we see now more and more people prefer simpler and more intimate parties – and at the end, it depends on considerations and taste, really – but these pictures are showing how Ryan as a bride had really put careful plan and long-thought ideas into her very own wedding without forgetting how to entertain the guests.

Notice the origami flapping birds, tiara from leaves and self-make-up bride that prevailed how confident, independent, and detail oriented they are. As a flight attendant, Ryan sure is a pro in self make up so she did one for the matrimony which later on was touched up by the makeup artist for the evening reception. And the décor concept was Ryan’s idea. She told the vendor and was involved in the making the night before. Though hardly had enough sleep she looked absolutely fresh on the day.

We were fascinated by her passion and love she gave in the making. It showed so much memory too between her and lover. See how compatible this couple is from their dating pictures? I bet AJ is a warm, kind, and supportive partner for Ryan. AJ is a German nationality and Ryan is an Indonesian living in Singapore. They met the first time during he made holiday trip to Vietnam. And then Bali was chosen for the venue as it is where usually both families go for reunion and holiday. A very meaningful and brilliant celebration to mark the beginning of the lovebirds’ new life, indeed!
Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Venue: Ayana, BaliWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding Photography Bali
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