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Black Beauty | Evan and Yerria | By Agung

Yerria, from first look she is clearly a bold beauty. It is such pleasure for thePhotograph to capture the sweet moments of Evan and Yerria. They have many good stories to share that we can pick up from. They were three years and eight months together the moment this pre-wedding was taking place. In the middle they broke up for four months but because Evan was seriously in love with her so he asked her if they could try once again.That lasted till now. Evan was initially ignorant and selfish as a guy but he changes to better man. Yerria was a fan of tattoo but now she was not that keen with tattoo anymore and also, Evan does not allow her to make more. The funny thing was that actually Yerria knew Evan from a close friend who was trying to approach her but he brought Evan along and ended up Yerria felt more comfortable with Evan aside from the fact the Evan kept texting her.Anyways, they ended up together and live happily. thePhotograph are happy to know such fun and kind couple like you. Once again, congrats!Photographer: Agung thePhotograph – Gowns: Contessa – Indoor Make up: Adele – Outdoor Make up: Winnie NeumanPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

Elegant Charm | Ryan and Annisa | By Yudha

Icha, thePhotograph’s marketer did not realize that her client was the daughter of a minister until she saw her last name on the contract letter. Yes, Annisa Natalegawa, a simple lady, pretty and smart in her outlook, just had a review of thePhotograph’s portfolio before signing up for a wedding documentation package. Annisa is the only daughter of former Minister of Foreign Affair, Mr Marty Natalegawa. Looking at her father’s big name we expected big -- if not lavish -- wedding but she chose a simple one.You can tell from the pictures thePhotograph got from Annisa and Ryan’s akad and reception. Number of guests was under a thousand. However, it didn’t diminish the merriment and meaning of a wedding at all.Annisa, Ryan and team had shown great effort in making an elegantly charming traditional wedding. Though the couple is so used to foreign culture but they did not forget their root. The celebration took Sundanese culture and ceremonies for akad and Thai for reception. Mrs Sranya Bamrungphong, Mr Marty’s wife is a Thai. Annisa and Ryan wore a Sundanese in the morning till afternoon. They then changed to Thai costumes at night.Attending as marriage guardian during akad was by then President of Indonesia, Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Mrs Ani Yudhoyono, Mr Boediono and Mrs Herawati Boediono were also seen among guests of honor. The sweet collaboration of modern creativity, eastern tradition, and humble simplicity has given a new meaning to an “elegant charm”.Photo: Team – Venue: Menara CIMB, Sudirman  – Make up Akad : Etty Sam, Make Up Resepsi : Petty KaligisWedding Photography, Traditional Wedding, Pre Wedding Unik

Wedding Celebration Festival 2014 at JCC

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Piece of Paradise | Arif and Vika | by Agung

“You’re my piece of paradise, a place to call home, where peace and love are. No matter how tired the world make me, when I come to you all that moan and groan are gone. Your sweet smiley face soothes me. Your sense of humor and fair advices, aren’t they ones of greatest grace God’s ever given to me!”Looking at Arif and Vika’s pre-wedding pictures could remind you of your romantic dating on the beach. And that was why exactly why they chose beach. They wanted shots that picture their dating moments. Simple stuff like lying on beach enjoying yourselves and wind and doing some activities like strolling along shore, playing with dog, biking, or simply gazing at horizon from a yacht.Arif’s father provided the yacht. In fact he was joining us during shooting. He is one humble successful man and so are with Arif and Vika. We are glad to know you guys and happy to be part of your big wedding celebration.Photographer: By Agung – Make up: Vony Yessica – Wardrobe: Couple’s collectionPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik

You are My Joy | Tresor + Djoiss | By Yudha

Witnessing Tresor and Djoiss stating their commitment on their wedding day was something we were grateful for. They were ones of those couples with convincing facial expression in every situation. There was sense of calm conviction that they didn’t doubt each other at all. I love to see how they looked at each other, kissed, even smiled in front of the camera. We hardly felt the wedding day pressure, you know. Their kiss was one convincing kiss as if it said, “My Love, I believe in you and in us. We’ll get through anything, the good and the bad, together.”The party itself was joyful as well as less complicated. The make-up session in the morning was directly followed by holy matrimony in the afternoon then reception at night without gate breaking and meet-the-bride session. The long break in between was spent for beauty shots. We loved meeting this laidback people. Djoiss’ father was a good looking but camera-shy person. Family and friends were kind and happy bunch of camera-face people, not forgetting the cute kids around. Matrimony and reception were brought in English though the Congolese’s official language is French.At the end of reception was an after party with good DJ and music from David Entertainment. Djoiss wore a unique Congo dress made from rich fabric textile. Everybody was happy and enjoying the night. At the end of the day we knew that Djoiss is the joy of Tresor’s life, the joy that gives him energy whenever he’s near her and so is Tresor to Djoiss.Photographer: By Team – WO: Partee Momento WO – Venue: Pullman Central Park – Entertainment: David Entertainment – White Gown: Tina Andrean – Make up: Nita GunawanWedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Pre Wedding Photography

Peek a Boo|Chleo, Owen, and Theo| By Dicky U. Halimawan

Chloe, Owen and Theo had successfully made their photo session a good time. They were happy kids that gave much ease during the shooting. Chloe, the only girl, is a potential model-wanna-be. Her expressions were catchy and she had high confidence. Owen and Theo, the cute and good looking boys were easy going ones we simply loved them. Thanks to parents who made it possible. Their outfits and hairstyle were well chosen.Halloween festivities are good times for kids and parents to play together and with their peers. The celebration which was a mix of Celtic, Romanian, and American culture had made it possible for the kids to wear interesting costumes and be interactive with more people by playing the trick or treat. Besides it is good chance to reveal their creativity in making the props for the festival.Happy Halloween, everyone! Have fun!Photographer: By Dicky U. HalimawanBaby Photography, Baby Photos

Eyes on You | William and Yunnie | By Yudha

Ever since she was in love with him, her world changed. Love changes everything. It makes things more meaningful since now whatever she does it will affect him, be it good or bad, be it in littlest simple things or in big deals.And then so love requires individuals to change or stay the same, whichever way that can make a relationship healthy. Love is such a complex yet simple stuff. Who would know the way to love properly but the Creator to whom we can ask. However, love sure is about one thing, about caring each other and that is to have eyes on each other.Photographer: thePhotograph's Team – Venue: Four Seasons Hotel – WO: Juzzon Wedding Organizer – Gown: Wedding Boutique – Make up: Rain Make UpWedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

2nd Annual Family Photography Fair @Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia Level 3

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Here, There and Everywhere | Andy and Violine | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Andy and Violine met in a friend’s wedding. Andy was the best man and Violine one of the bridesmaids. They became very good friends and eventually got in a relationship. After two and a half years together they decided to tie the knot. So this month will be the month they hold their wedding and these pre-wedding pictures are for you to witness their happiness.Andy and Violine who live in Jakarta chose their city to take pre-wedding pictures. And as they both like nature and adventure they wanted the pictures to show so. Thus a horse arena was used for the shooting. One of the horses couldn’t stop grinning it was so funny. We had tried to close its mouth though.The couple looked happy and easy during the day. Besides the outdoor session we took them to a café with good interior. Violine in Julia Sposa’s gown looked elegant, feminine and beautiful. It was nice to see them together: a happy and smiley couple. Congrats to you guys once again! And let your love always bloom and be fruitful here, there and everywhere.Photo: Dicky U. Halimawan – Gowns: Julia Sposa – Make up: Donny Liem (Indoor), Adele (Outdoor)Pre Wedding Photography,  Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta

Locked For You | Sam and Natasha | By Yudha

We met Natasha and her mom in one of the wedding exhibitions. Natasha who lived in Perth came to Jakarta to prepare her wedding. She might look snappy at the first sight but when you came to talk to her she appears as easygoing and friendly person.Natasha and Sam met in Perth where they were working. Now as most of her family lives in Indonesia so they choose Jakarta to be the venue: De La Rosa, Kemang. The modern couple prefers a simple private yet a happening party. The joy bringer was not the sophisticated decoration, magnificent gowns or whatsoever but the crowd. Sam and Natasha have bunch of families and friends who apparently are very hip and fans of dance.The reception was a sitting dinner with singing and dance performances brought by close family and friends. Everybody was happy and even happier when the after party started. The youngsters and oldies they all loved party. The Aussie lads and chicks were known expressive and keen for party too. In the photo you can see Sam with his favorite Wolverine’s claw carrying the Lucy-Liu-look-alike bride.We got one funny story too. The first bouquet thrown got stuck in the chandelier everybody was laughing. And interestingly the second thrown landed on Sam’s granny’s hands. I guess it’s a good sign since granny is single too.And just before the after party Natasha’s dad was dancing with Natasha before he gave her to Sam to continue dancing with her. It was kind of symbol that the daughter will live/dance no longer with her dad but her husband. It is a different kind of dance they should learn anew, maybe in the middle there’s gonna be challenge to balance but it’s gonna be easier as they have locked their hearts only for each other.Photographer: Team – Venue: De La Rosa, Kemang – Make up: Sugi SalonWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, Pre Wedding Unikd  
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