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Whisper in The Wind | Randy and Alessia | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Summer breeze though hot but it brought fresh feeling to Randy and Alessia. Moreover to Alessia as in Perth also she could reunite with her long-time-no-see sister. This time pre-wedding took place in Perth As usual it never failed to give the couple shot backgrounds that’s simply stunning and calming. Alessia was looking gorgeous in selected dresses, gowns and self-make-up. Randy couldn’t be happier to have such a compatible soulmate. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such worry free and non-panicky clients too. It made everything easier and more fun. In the same time, I actually found out the first time that I had been 6-week pregnant there. Such a memorable work trip for me and apparently a lovely shoot for Randy and Alessia.Photographer : Dicky U. Halimawan     Gown: Pink by Mermaid Enst Couture, Blue and Grey by Aurelle House of Brides, Black White by ZaraMake Up Artist : FedericaPre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Jakarta Photography, Pre Wedding Unik  

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World Love Race | AJ and Ryan | By. Dicky U. Halimawan

When I first saw the wedding photos of AJ and Ryan I was like “wow! This one is different.” Most people in Indonesia, especially the wealthy celebrate their wedding with big number of invitations, indoor and seldom do they put detailed and handmade simple decoration as a mix in it. Well, though we see now more and more people prefer simpler and more intimate parties – and at the end, it depends on considerations and taste, really – but these pictures are showing how Ryan as a bride had really put careful plan and long-thought ideas into her very own wedding without forgetting how to entertain the guests.

Notice the origami flapping birds, tiara from leaves and self-make-up bride that prevailed how confident, independent, and detail oriented they are. As a flight attendant, Ryan sure is a pro in self make up so she did one for the matrimony which later on was touched up by the makeup artist for the evening reception. And the décor concept was Ryan’s idea. She told the vendor and was involved in the making the night before. Though hardly had enough sleep she looked absolutely fresh on the day.

We were fascinated by her passion and love she gave in the making. It showed so much memory too between her and lover. See how compatible this couple is from their dating pictures? I bet AJ is a warm, kind, and supportive partner for Ryan. AJ is a German nationality and Ryan is an Indonesian living in Singapore. They met the first time during he made holiday trip to Vietnam. And then Bali was chosen for the venue as it is where usually both families go for reunion and holiday. A very meaningful and brilliant celebration to mark the beginning of the lovebirds’ new life, indeed!
Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – Venue: Ayana, BaliWedding Photography, Wedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding Photography Bali

Jakarta Wedding Festival at JCC

Hello, Groom and Bride to be! We are excited to invite you to our special booth at JJC, Assembly Hall No. 49. Start 22-24 August 2014, for details information you can contact us or 

The Beat to Our Heart | Baby Denzel | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Denzel came bringing happiness to Daddy Thomas and Mommy Erlina. The firstborn came out as seemingly smart boy. Take a look the pictures we took, Denzel often made a thinking face. And clearly he is one healthy boy who’s keen in eating.In the first setting where he was seated among the boxes of popcorns, he knew that they were food and wanted to eat them but ended up upset as we told him not to eat the props. Before going to next session Mom gave him milk to keep him energized. After the second session, apparently baby Denzel started to get sleepy but we were happy he wasn’t a cranky baby we still managed to get his pictures taken in the “learn about colour” session. After playing with paint he started to get sleepy again! Haha..Finally the day was over and everyone’s happy with how the photo taking was going and how cooperative baby Denzel was. He’s indeed one nice boy.Photographer: Dicky U. HalimawanBaby Photography Jakarta, Baby Photography Studio Jakarta

A Touch of Tradition | Azri and Deska | By Dicky U. Halimawan

It was a bright day and the reception of Deska and Azri’s wedding had finally come. We felt happy for the smiley couple. Deska is an Indonesian while Azri is a Malaysian. They met in Perth where they live till now. A wedding of the two different nationalities took longer celebration in terms of more days and places to celebrate. Besides the party in Jakarta, the lovebirds still held another one in Malaysia.Both “akad nikah” and reception were held on the same day and the traditional Javanese “siraman” (shower in Indonesian) was held the day before at Deska’s place. The program went well with typical reserved Javanese way of celebration. Many of Azri’s friends and family came along the way from Malaysia to witness the moment.Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan (Reception and Akad); team (Siraman) – WO: Mawar Prada – Venue: Balai KartiniWedding Photography, Traditional Wedding, Pre Wedding Unik

Selamat Idul Fitri 1435 Hijriah


Sparks on Me | Michael and Yessica | By Dicky U. Halimawan

This was a wedding of a gorgeous couple with merry celebration you won’t want to miss. You can feel the energy from the enthusiastic best men and beautiful bridesmaids. And oh not forgetting to mention how friendly the couple’s parents could be. Yeye’s (nickname of Yessica) father kept greeting the people with smiles from morning. Mike’s (nickname of Michael) mother was a charm. She and Mike’s brother sang together during the reception. She was a singer back then in fact.Private Wedding Organizer helped Mike and Yeye to have smooth wedding party. To choose Kempinski Hotel as a venue was really a right choice, the ballroom with elegant blue lighting suited the theme of the party. With such positive energy we got from the people around us it made easier to direct poses to the couple and friends. It really is true to say that this wedding sparks us on the mood!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan – WO: Private WO – Venue: Bali Room, Kempinski Hotel – Make up: Susy Kleo – Gown: The SilkWedding PhotographyWedding Photography Jakarta, Wedding Photography Indonesia
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It Has to be You| Hendra and Dessy | By Dicky U. Halimawan

Hendra and Dessy contacted us together to enquire about pre-wedding and wedding packages. It was apparent that they already had the fixed dates for sangjit and reception. I wonder if they chose the good days based on the traditional Chinese way or not but they surely celebrated the precious moment in both Chinese and modern ways.The lovebirds chose a 3-day package that covered studio pre-wedding in Jakarta and both Sangjit and reception in Samarinda. Sangjit is when the groom-to-be and family bring offerings/gifts to the bride-to-be. It symbolizes harmony, kindness and responsibility of a man to fulfill the woman’s needs. It’s held in the bride’s place. Before the offering, each family will introduce each of the members to each other. The giving of presents is closed by small feast provided by the bride’s family.The next day after Sangjit, the couple held their majestic reception in a ballroom in one of the malls in Samarinda. The programme was fantastic there was no doubt all guests were entertained by every single of it. Thanks to Hendra, Dessy and family for such hospitality. And most important of all, congrats for the new life you both now have!Photographer: Dicky U. Halimawan –  Wedding Gown: Elly be Gorgeous – Make up on Wedding: Yamie (Donny Liem’s team)Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Unik, Wedding Photography Jakarta
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Someday in My Romance| Hendrik and Yunita | By Team

“I remember looking at you for the first time in our campus back then. It was a happy time to know you better each day. The days we’ve been through together just made me even more convinced of us. And here we are now. Just one step more to our big day, the day when we will belong to each other completely.”Hendrik and Yunita are couple of doctors who met in Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta. They fell in love, knew each other more and fell in love even more. Hendrik likes her because of her feminity, faithfulness, and cheerfulness. Yunita likes his eagerness and seriousness about his future despite his playful nature and happy-go-lucky person you may think if you know him for the first time.They were introduced to thePhotograph by Lily, Yunita’s relative whom we can’t thank enough. The couple who was getting married earlier this year is now living in harmony and success as young doctors in Blitar, East Java. Now a set of indoor pre-wedding pictures are ready to be witness of just a day of their romance. And apparently someday in their lives is not just any day but always a special day spent together.Photographer : By Team - Make Up : Donni Liem - Gown : Client's WardrobePre Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Studio, thePhotographWedding
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