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Melted Heart | Wiliam and Fenny | by Avin Lim

01 Dec Melted Heart | Wiliam and Fenny | by Avin Lim

One look at Fenny and one would think that it would take a lot to melt her heart. She carried an air of a detached beauty, a person who wouldn’t give a chance to her heart to just anyone.

And then came William and then down the icy walls.

William was a funny guy, any one of his friends could tell you that. He liked to laugh and make funny faces. Moreover, he was the ultimate moodmaker, always trying to cheer up the people around him. Maybe this was what drew Fenny towards him. Maybe this was why that, even after six years and six months of long-distance relationship, they were still going strong.

A fan of Japan, they finally decided to open the new chapter of their life at the heart of the country they were both passionate with. William popped the question at March and they got back there for an incredible photosession with us.

One thing that we really liked about them was how open they were into new things. There were a lot of costumes! We tried every places, with every scenarios to make different mood for the photosets, and they all turned out amazing, thanks to their flexibility.

It had been such a pleasure to be able to work with such a charming couple. One that completed each other. It inspired us back to why we got into the wedding industry: to capture all the moments otherwise overlooked by these inspirational couples.

Photographer : Avin Lim

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