thePhotograph | Dicky U. Halimawan
Our goal is to create fun, emotional, breathtaking photos for our clients. We want to inspire and be inspired by our couples, and for that reason we create a personalised, handcrafted photos for each and every one of our clients, so look around and see of what we do inspire you.
Our Philosophy: The more you shoot the more you should start to develop a philosophy—the *why* we shoot and what we’re hoping to achieve with our work is fun together, we as photographer and our clients. When we’re all on the same page with the reason for the shoot it’s a much more enjoyable and meaningful experience!
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Glamorous Love | Nelson and Sienny | by Dicky U. Halimawan

Now, she couldn’t hold her happiness and tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled, like never before! He looked at her, smiled and said, “I so want to hug you right now!”. She smiled even more now. He lovingly looked at her. The shell was finally...

World Love Race | AJ and Ryan | By. Dicky U. Halimawan

When I first saw the wedding photos of AJ and Ryan I was like “wow! This one is different.” Most people in Indonesia, especially the wealthy celebrate their wedding with big number of invitations, indoor and seldom do they put detailed and handmade simple decoration...

Chubby Cheeks | Baby Faye

Chubby cheeks, bambi eyes, small nose, cute lips, soft baby hair. Baby Faye, you are like an angel falling from the morning sky. A bright morning sky, as bright as your parents’ hearts when they saw you for the first time. Your eyes must catch...